20. Sep, 2018

Banjo Full Movie Download

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A banjo player seeks fame, success, and respect.

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original title: Banjo

genge: Action,Drama,Music,Romance

imdb: 5

duration: 2h 17min

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Mickey a sound Recordist records a tune during Mumbai Ganpati festival and sends it to her friend Chritina in the US, Christina comes to Mumbai in search of the band.Christina along with Mickey audition many band but they don't find the band which originally played the tune.Taraat who extorts money for local politician had played the tune with his band for the festive season he is given a job of showing Chritina the whole Mumbai but doesn't disclose him self of being a Banjo player as he feels that as a Banjo player he and his band haven received the required respect. A banjo player seeks fame, success, and respect. Director Mr. Ravi Jadhav work is good. Problem is very convenient story. A foreigner girl, looking for a Banjo player, comes to India to find him. He becomes her tour guide to slum but denies being a Banjo player even been asked by her. Then some love angle, clicking pictures, a rival Banjo player villain angle, a Builder angle then some action drama at pre climax. Screenplay is good at places but mainly not up to the feel of today's time. It proudly flaunts repeated old stale scenes too, like girl asking boy that do you have girlfriend and his preachy lines. A girl with shorts and navel reveling sleeveless top still creates stir in Mumbai slum!!? Gone are the days, they are now more fashion aware. A careless guy transforms himself into a formal dress with tie wearing dude then again all residents are shocked to see him. Screenplay stuffs four songs in starting 20 minutes of film, sadly none of them were up to mark of a musical film, which title is itself a musical instrument. There was good scope to show case that how non technical but having music sense local guys adopt and incorporate western music technology but all this happens just in jiff with girl talking with her mother with teary eyes. Dinner scene is cute and balanced, calling a little filled wine glass as cutting was appropriate. Introduction of all Band members is also enjoyable. Most of the characters, even South Bombey music baron too, speak in particular double meaning lines or gesture it, which doesn't go with the mood of film. An old person is shown at so many places but only motto of his presence is to die in climax so ego clash of band could have been solved. Story and screenplay don't go seamless. First half is slow, second half takes pace but again dips badly till climax. Dialogues are good at places. Performance wise Riteish Deshmukh as Taraat is very good. Another drawback of this film is stone faced female lead Nargis Fakhri. Such type of film need good performance at least but she is same flat in emotional scenes as in light ones, even she is restricted in dance too. Darmesh Yelande as Greese is perfect in the character. Two other actors who played another band member are fine. Music wise 'Udhan Chhoo' is melodious. "Adorably Nonsensical" - That's how I would label 'Banjo'.

Ritesh Deshmukh has carved a niche for himself - something his fellow Marathi manus must be proud of. It is rare that a Marathi (male) actor strikes big in Hindi and he is perhaps the first since Amol Palekar (who of course was in a different league). Therefore, it was expected that some successful Marathi director (Ravi Jadhav in this case) would decide to make a 'pure masala' Hindi movie with Ritesh in the lead. Something like a Punjabi filmmaker making a Hindi film with Jimmy Shergill or a South Indian filmmaker with Dhanush. They are assured of the captive audience and anything more is a bonus!

As for the movie, it is typical OTT tamasha (nonsense) with two adorable faces - both Ritesh Deshmukh and Nargis Fakhri. Adorable because they have the sexy as well as the vulnerable look. Ritesh is developing in the Jackie Shroff mould and Nargis can pull it off with minimal acting skills like Katrina.

As for the story and the music, don't expect this to be a serious movie (like Rockstar) on a musician's life travails due to its title. Rather, it is a movie confused between drama and comedy.


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